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Welcome to PeerTracks, the first streaming application
utilizing the SOUNDAC Blockchain for automated royalty payments
Artists are PAID Instantly

Every time you listen to a song on PeerTracks, it instantly gets reported to the blockchain, which takes care of paying the royalties on your behalf

No Advertisements

The blockchain takes care of paying the royalties so we don’t need to charge you a subscription fee or advertise to you. You get ad-free, subscription-free music all while supporting your favorite artists

Honest and Transparent

A stream on PeerTracks guarantees the musician is being paid through the most transparent music ecosystem out there

XSD Token

The official token of the blockchain, which is liquid and tradable. To view a list of exchanges click here

RYLT Token

RYLT is the internal currency used to pay artist their royalties. 1 RYLT can be redeemed for approximately 1 USD worth of XSD

VIP Token

Get more privileges on the blockchain and access to additional features on PeerTracks when you add VIP to your account. XSD can be upgraded to VIP in your wallet

1,069,936 Artist Royalty Payments


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New to PeerTracks

Dylan 'N' Alice | Mockingbird

Dylan 'N' Alice

Beyoncé | Irreplaceable (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
Irreplaceable (Ralphi Rosario Mix)


Jordan Mullings | Lemonade

Jordan Mullings

Snoop Dogg & Bad Azz | Still On The Grind (feat. BG)
Still On The Grind (feat. BG)

Snoop Dogg & Bad Azz

Billy Ray Reynolds | Number One Thrill
Number One Thrill

Billy Ray Reynolds

Max Oazo | Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time

Max Oazo

Lavens Fate | Vein

Lavens Fate

Niccolow | Top hat and gloves
Top hat and gloves


Yo-Yo | Whatcha Drinkin' On
Whatcha Drinkin' On


Propr Lee | Try Hard
Try Hard

Propr Lee

Max Stalling | El Paso
El Paso

Max Stalling

88n8 | 4 Tha Birdzz
4 Tha Birdzz


Doctor Recommended | Is It Hip
Is It Hip

Doctor Recommended

Solange | I Told You So (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Main Mix)
I Told You So (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Main Mix)


Trent Willmon | Broken In
Broken In

Trent Willmon

Dana Hunt Black | Check Yes Or No
Check Yes Or No

Dana Hunt Black

Damien Maze | Long Way Home
Long Way Home

Damien Maze

Thrillchaser | Invisible


Vitne | Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye


Freebleeder | Geek Rock Anthem
Geek Rock Anthem


United Pandaz & Arsello | Heart To Heart (feat. Alex Volasko)
Heart To Heart (feat. Alex Volasko)

United Pandaz & Arsello

Billy Joe Shaver | Good Ol USA
Good Ol USA

Billy Joe Shaver

Dannielle H | Crazy Just Like You
Crazy Just Like You

Dannielle H

Vigil And Thieves | ladylike

Vigil And Thieves

Peertracks | Beta v1.0